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Board Election Ballots 2017

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IPA Executive Board Elections 2017


The IPA Executive Board Elections will be held at the IPA General Meeting, 15 September 2017, Calgary Convention Centre, Calgary, Canada.

The IPA Council of Representatives have received the following nominations:

  1. President: Robyn Monro-Miller (Australia)
  2. Vice President:  Kathy Wong (Hong Kong)
  3. Secretary: Jonas Larsson (Sweden)
  4. Treasurer: Mike Greenaway (Wales)
  5. Communications Officer: Cynthia Gentry (USA)
  6. Membership Officer: Bradley Roberts (USA); Tam Baillie (Scotland); Meynell Walter (England)
  7. Development Officer: Sudeshna Chatterjee (India); Nik Dee Dahlström (Sweden)

The nominations for President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, and Communications Officer, will be presented to the General Meeting 2017 for election.

Three nominations have been received for the post of Membership Officer, and two nominations for the post of Development Officer, therefore a vote will be held at the General Meeting for these positions. Members who cannot attend the General Meeting in person, and are not submitting a proxy vote, are entitled to vote by postal ballot. Postal voting forms can be downloaded below or by clicking on Membership Officer Ballot and Development Officer Ballot.



  1. Please read the candidates’ statements to inform your decision. The candidates’ statements were sent to members via Wild Apricot. Members may obtain the statements from your Branch or by emailing Secretary@ipaworld.org.
  2. You or your organisation must be registered as a paid-up member of IPA to be entitled to vote.
  3. If you are voting on behalf of a Group membership, you must be officially authorised to act on behalf of that Group.
  4. Group membership votes can be used only once – either by post, if no representative will attend the General Meeting, or in person or by proxy at the 2017 General Meeting.
  5. If you require any further information or guidance on voting please contact the IPA Secretary at Secretary@ipaworld.org.


Send completed and signed voting forms to arrive by 1 September 2017 to:

By e-mail attachment to Secretary@ipaworld.org with the voting form in the format of either: a digital form with embedded digital signature (a photograph of an original signature, not a typed font); OR a photograph of the signed form; OR a scanned, signed form.

Or by post to: IPA Secretary, C/o David Yearley, Unit 78, Shrivenham Hundred Business Park, Watchfield, Swindon, SN6 8TY



IPA Elections postal voting form Membership Officer GM 2017

IPA Elections postal voting form Development Officer GM 2017