It is every bit as important for children to understand their rights as it is for adults to understand them. During the process of preparing the General Comment groups of children developed posters (with art by Welsh artist Les Evans). These posters talk about article 31 in terms that children can understand, because they were written by children!

The posters are currently available to download in several languages. We are adding more all the time. If you would like us to prepare a version for the children in your life, please help us by translating the poster script into your language. We will make the changes for you and send you a high quality translated version for your use (printing, whatever). All we ask is that you make no changes to the posters before distributing them.

To DOWNLOAD click on the image of the poster:


Kids' Version of Article 31 (horizontal)       Kids' Version of Article 31 (portrait)


31 poster A4 welsh final-REDC  31 poster A3 welsh final-redc


Microsoft Word - a31-A4-GERMAN-portrait-poster.docx

Turkish AP31 poster-portrait-thumbnail







We would love to have these posters available for children in as many languages as possible. TO TRANSLATE these posters into your own language, please complete the translations on the scripts below and send to

Art31 Landscape Poster TRANSLATION    Art31 Portrait Poster TRANSLATION