Past Conference: IPA 17th Triennial Conference “Play in a Changing World”

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IPA held its 17th triennial conference in Hong Kong in January 2008. Following are the texts of two of the keynote addresses, summaries of which appear in the March edition of the IPA PlayRights Magazine. – Children and the Right … Read More

How You Can Help!

IPA is a voluntary organization whose core income is from membership dues. You can support our promotion of children’s play worldwide by becoming a member [click here] sponsoring a friend [click here] sponsoring a member from a developing country [click … Read More


IPA is an interdisciplinary organization bringing together people from all professions which have an impact on opportunities for children’s play. Examples are: playwork health education social work early childhood city planning recreation landscape design social planning architecture community development art … Read More

Children and the Right to Play

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Around 60 years ago I grew up in a small rural village in the remote eastern part of my country, the Netherlands. I went to kindergarten and primary school. The rest of my time I played and slept. I played with friends (boys and girls) games like hide and seek, marbles and a lot of explorative games, all outdoors and no lack of space.

Member Groups

IPA has members in close to 50 countries, and active groups in Argentina Brazil Germany Ireland New Zealand Spain N. Ireland Australia Canada Hong Kong Japan Portugal Sweden USA Belgium Denmark India Netherlands Scotland England Wales IPA member groups initiate … Read More

IPA Membership

Membership is open to any individual, group or organization which endorses the CONVENTION ON THE RIGHTS OF THE CHILD, adopted by the General Assembly of the United Nations in November 1989. How to Join To obtain membership information contact your … Read More

About Us

IPA is an international non-governmental organization founded in 1961. It provides a forum for exchange and action across disciplines and across sectors. IPA’s purpose is to protect, preserve and promote the child’s right to play as a fundamental human right. … Read More

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