2008 – 2011 IPA Triennial Report

Between the landmarks of the IPA Triennial World Conferences in Hong Kong (2008) and Wales (2011), this has been an exceptional busy period with a strong sense of purpose and membership involvement.

In 2011 we are celebrating the 50th anniversary of IPA’s founding on the 12th of May 1961 in Copenhagen, Denmark. A Special ‘History’ edition of PlayRights magazine* was published in which memories and achievements of IPA’s 50 years are recorded. Celebrations of the 50th anniversary culminate at the 18th Triennial World Conference in Cardiff.

International Conferences

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Since its founding in 1961 IPA has held eighteen (18) International Conferences 1961 – Copenhagen 1964 – Zurich 1967 – London/Liverpool: Recreation and Play 1969 – Paris: Creative Play 1972 – Vienna: Play and Creativity 1975 – Milan: Adventure Playgrounds … Read More

IPA Declaration of the Child’s Right to Play

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The IPA Declaration of the Child’s Right to Play was produced in November 1977 at the IPA Malta Consultation held in preparation for the International Year of the Child (1979). It was revised by the IPA International Council in Vienna, September 1982, and Barcelona, September 1989. It should be read in conjunction with Article 31 of the U.N. Convention on the Rights of the Child (adopted by the General Assembly of the U.N., November 20, 1989), which states that the child has a right to leisure, play and participation in cultural and artistic activities.

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