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Children, Youth & Environments Issue on Play free for IPA Members

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IPA is extremely pleased to announce the publication of the Special IPA Issue
of Children, Youth and Environment Journal: Unleashing the Power of Play:
Research from the International Play Association 20th Triennial Conference

Vol. 28, No. 2 (2018). This CYE Journal features contributions selected from
the IPA 2017 World Conference.  (See Table of Contents below.)

As a benefit to current IPA members, IPA is delighted to announce that the
special issue will be available to all IPA members from November 1 to 15, 2018.
For the two-week period only, access will be free of charge.

Special IPA issue of Children, Youth and Environment Journal: Unleashing
the Power of Play: Research from the International Play Association
20th Triennial Conference
Vol. 28, No. 2 (2018)

Guest editors:
Janet Loebach, Centre for Addiction and Mental Health, London, Canada
Theresa Casey, International Play Association: Promoting the Child’s Right to
Play, Edinburgh, Scotland
John H. McKendrick, Glasgow School for Business and Society, Glasgow
Caledonian University, Glasgow, Scotland

Introduction to the special issue
The 20th IPA Triennial World Conference held in Calgary (Canada) in 2017 was
attended by more than 700 delegates representing 30 countries. More than 400
presentations were delivered across four days. Following the conference, it
became apparent that there was a need to revisit the existing body of knowledge
on play in the physical environment—across a wide range of geographic and
socio-cultural contexts—to advance contemporary understanding of the key
issues that were constraining children’s opportunities to play. Drawing
inspiration from section six of General Comment No. 17, this special issue
of Children, Youth and Environments addresses four themes: Blueprints for
Progress, Blending Nature in the Everyday, Extending the Reach of Play, and
Technology Is (Not) the Enemy. The papers in this collection were selected from
presentations delivered by play researchers, advocates, designers, educators,
and practitioners at the IPA World Conference.

The guest editors of this special issue of Children, Youth and
Environments would like to acknowledge the authors of the articles, field reports,
photo essays and book reviews making up the collection, and the outstanding
efforts of the editorial review team, representing IPA branches from around the

IPA World President, Robyn Monro-Miller says, “we are delighted with the
collaboration between IPA and Children, Youth and Environments, which adds to
the already substantial legacy for play of the IPA Triennial World Conference,
2017. Our sincere thanks to the guest editors, authors and reviewers.”
Children, Youth and Environment Journal is a publication of Children, Youth
and Environments Network at the University of Cincinnati.

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Children, Youth and Environments
Vol. 28, No. 2 (2018)
ISSN 1546-2250



Unleashing the Power of Play: Research from the International Play Association 20thTriennial Conference

 Editors’ Introduction to the Special Issue

Realizing Article 31 through General Comment 17: Overcoming Challenges and the Quest for an Optimum Play Environment1-11

John H. McKendrick, Janet Loebach, and Theresa Casey


Blueprints for Progress

Peer-Reviewed Article

From Policy to Play Provision: Universal Design and the Challenges of Inclusive Play

Helen Lynch, Alice Moore, and Maria Prellwitz                                   12-34


Reports from the Field

Championing and Implementing the First Inclusive Play Space in Hong Kong

Chris H.C. Yuen                                                                             35-45


The Community-Based Revitalization of the Ridgecrest Accessible Neighbourhood Playground in Sudbury, Canada        46-57

Nicole Marie Yantzi, Joscelyne Landry-Altmann, Arthemise Camirand-Peterson


Street Play in the Revitalization of Low-Birthrate Communities: Playborhood Street Tokyo       58-66

Hitoshi Shimamura


The Rise of Adventure Play Provision in North America                              67-77

Joan Almon and Rusty Keeler



Cities Alive: Designing for Urban Childhoods, by ARUP’s Foresight, Research and Innovation and Integrated City Planning Teams– Reviewed by Adrian Voce         78-81


Blending Nature in the Everyday

Peer-Reviewed Article

Early Childhood Educators’ Perceptions of Play and Inquiry on a Nature Playscape

Sue Schlembach, Leslie Kochanowski, Rhonda Douglas Brown, and Victoria  Carr                                                                                            82-101


Report from the Field

Living and Playing in Nature: Daily Experiences of Tupinambá Children    102-116

Christiana Cabicieri Proficeand LéaTiriba



Under the Same Sky: Children’s Rights and the Environment, by the International Play Association, Scotland Children’s Parliament, Children and Young People’s Commissioner Scotland, and Terre des Hommes– Review by Michelle Templeton                                                                                117-118


Extending the Reach of Play

Peer-Reviewed Article

Children’s Coping, Adaption and Resilience through Play in Situations of Crisis

Sudeshna Chatterjee                                                                  119-145


Reports from the Field

“We just want to play”: Adolescents Speak about Their Access to Public Parks

Patsy Eubanks Owens                                                                 146-158


Why Do We Need Adventure Playgrounds in Rural Areas? The Revitalization Project of Ishikawa, Fukushima, Japan       159-174

Mitsunari Terada, Mariia Ermilova, and Isami Kinoshita


The Right to Play of Children Living in Migrant Workers’ Communities in Thailand

Khemporn Wirunrapan, Prasopsuk Boranmool, Krongkaew Chaiarkhom, and

Sribua Kanthawong                                                                    175-186



Access to Play for Children in Situations of Crisis Play: Rights and Practice—A Tool Kit for Staff, Managers and Policy Makers, by Martin King-Sheard and Marianne Mannello, edited by Theresa Casey –   Reviewed by Mary Ann Rintoul     187-190

How to Grow a Playspace: Development and Design, Edited by Katherine Masiulanis and Elizabeth Cummins – Reviewed by Helen Woolley                                                                                              191-193


Technology Is (Not) the Enemy

Peer-Reviewed Articles

State of Play: Methodologies for Investigating Children’s Outdoor Play and Independent Mobility       194-231

Christina S. Han, Louise C. Mâsse, Andrew Wilson, Ian Janssen, Nadine

Schuurman, Mariana Brussoni, and the Playability Study Research Team


Understanding the Nature Play Milieu: Using Behavior Mapping to Investigate Children’s Activities in Outdoor Play Spaces       232-261

Adina Cox, Janet Loebach, and Sarah Little


Editors’ Conclusion

Reflections on the Challenges to Providing Optimum Environments for Play

John H. McKendrick, Janet Loebach, and Theresa Casey                262-273


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