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IPA Right to Play Award Program

The IPA Right to Play Award Program was launched as “Article 31 Recognition Program” at the world summit in Melbourne, Australia in 1993. It was created to recognize projects that implement in innovative ways, Article 31 of the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child. The award at the 2011 Conference in Cardiff, Wales went to:

    Contact: Noriko Kajiki (norikajiki@suma.kobe-wu.ac.jp)
    JapanThe Japan Adventure Playground Association is established in 2003 as a registered nonprofit organization. Its mission is to create the playful communities, with which the association works for realizing the society where children and adults can live a lively life through guaranteeing rich play environments for children. The association holds thenetwork of 270 adventure play organisations over the nation supporting local networking,holding events, providing playwork training and so on. With the national conference of every three years and seasonal newsletters, the association advocates for the importance of outdoor play towards the national government and local authorities. Thus the association contributes to promoting the rich outdoor play environments for children.



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