It is every bit as important for children to understand their rights as it is for adults to understand them. During the process of preparing the General Comment groups of children developed posters (with art by Welsh artist Les Evans). These posters talk about article 31 in terms that children can understand, because they were written by children!

Download these posters, postcards and coloring pages and use them to help promote children’s rights as set forth in Article 31 of the Convention on the Rights of the Child.

a31 Postcard-96-2pg





The above document can be printed as a 2-sided postcard. It is a great thing to give to people as a reminder of these important rights.






31 logo.- B&W




Have some fun. Print out this drawing and colour in your own IPA Article 31 logo, or even better- design your own!








– ARTICLE 31 LOGOS For You to USE —

IPA logo artwork colour-touched up











Article 31 logo redrawn as vector art for clearer printing:

31 logo-redrawn